Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

Arthur Shawcross dumped June Cicero into the Genessee River, masturbating as he did so today in 1988


Remains identified as victim of Green River killer

Mother charged over fire deaths

Court strikes down prisoners' DNA database

Officer Charged in Sex Deal with Teen Defendant

Woman Allegedly Shoots Man 5 Times On Birthday

Victim tries to befriend home invader

Pedestrian falls, dies when Fort Lauderdale bridge opens

Math teacher turns murder scene into homework problem

Teacher accused of choking student with fish head

Mother charged with plotting to get teen daughter pregnant

Toddler Dies, Dwarf Mother Faces Murder Charges
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Woman Allegedly Shoots Man 5 Times On Birthday

Shouldn't that have been 44 times and one for good luck?