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Ain't Life Grand

Humanity at it's greatest

Dr. H.H. Holmes

Horrible Events,
Freaks of Nature,

and anything else I find tasteless or Amusing

Occasionally updated by corpsepimp

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abductions, abnormality, abortion, adipocere, anarchy, anti-censorship, arson, asphyxiation, assassination, assault, asylum, autopsies, autopsy photos, axes, bandsaws, biological warfare, bizarre experimentation, blood, bloodshed, bruises, brutality, cannibalism, cannibals, carnage, cemetaries, chainsaws, chaos, chemical warfare, comedy, conspiracy, corpses, cremation, crime, crime scenes, criminal psychology, criminals, criminology, cult leaders, cults, culture, death, death penalty, decapitation, dictators, dirty bombs, disease, dismemberment, doom, drugs, electric chairs, embalming, evil, exploitation, explosions, famine, fatality, fear, feces, firearms, forensics, freaks, gore, guillotines, hate, hate crimes, hh holmes, historical figures, homicide, horror, human rights, illegal, infection, insanity, intellegence, kidnapping, law enforcement, lethal, life, lye, mafia, maladies, malice, manslaughter, mass destruction, mass hysteria, mass murder, meat hooks, melee, morality, morbid curiosities, morbidity, mortality, murder, mutants, mutilation, narcotics, necrophiles, necrophilia, news, nooses, nuclear war, occult, overdose, pain, paranormal, perversion, pestilence, pickaxes, plague, poison, police state, pornography, profiling, prosthetics, psychological warfares, psychology, rape, religion, revenge, rigor mortis, sadism, sarcasm, science, secrets, senseless violence, serial killers, sex, sex crimes, sexual predators, spontanious human combustion, strangulation, suffering, suffocation, suicide, terror, terrorism, the macabre, threshers, torture, torture devices, toxicology, trauma, true crime, uday, urine, victims, violence, vomit, voyeur, whores