Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

Toni Gibbs' body was found in a bus, stabbed multiple times & raped by Faryion Wardrip today in 1985


Housekeeper Tortured Over Missing Money

Infamous pedophile dies in prison

Biker rapes call girl while imprisoning her for 30 hours

Twin Docs Accused of Switching IDs, Abusing Women

Hungry Man Holds Up Store, Demands Sushi

Boar bite severs man's pinky

Delaware County Murder Victim Called To Jury Pool

British cancer patient, 43, commits suicide; may have missed all-clear letter

Cryonics: Please don't call customers dead

Inventor Kurzweil Aiming to Live Forever

Seven Arrested In Underaged-Sex Investigation

Porn tapes land sex offender in jail

Nursing home patient accused of rape
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