Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

200 were killed in train derailment near Nowy Dwor Poland today in 1949


Lone gunman kills two women, self

Uncle and boyfriend tortured woman for three months

Sleeping Fla. Boy Has 4 Fingers Gnawed Off By Family Dog

Teen accused in New Jersey shooting takes plea deal (Follow-up New Jeru)

Bored to Tears, Woman Hurls TV Out Window

Witch gets state grant

Chip maker finds bombs with potatoes

Fla. Woman Charged With Trying To Have Husband 'Whacked' (Woman Allegedly Wanted Husband's Finger As Proof)

Durham Residents, Officers Report UFO Sighting

Criminal leaps three floors to escape amputation

Work order for attempted banana rape

Man died after doctor insisted on breakfast

Genitals cut over debts

Police say suspect was armed and dangerous, was planning on using cabbage as silencer

Boy with muscular distrophy faces $15 fines for riding wheelchair on streets

Boy, 14, killed trying to 'surf' atop C train

Affidavit: Mom says spider was 'sign' to drown kids

Chop a centimetre or so off your tongue to become a fluent English speaker

Qusay Hussein stars in porno

Man faces trial in dog sex case (A 10-year-old girl heard the dog growling in a spare bedroom during the early morning hours)

Stripper helps boyfriend chop up women

Mom Charged With Supplying Daughters To Porn Producer

10-month-old baby stabbed in broad daylight

Grandma Who Left Tot In Burning Vehicle Turns Herself In

Relative Stabs Entire Family; Eight-Year-Old Girl Dies
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