Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

Wayne Williams abducted, suffocated and dumped twelve year old Charles Stephens today in 1980


Police alert nine high schoolers' parents to possible suicide pact

'Vampire' killer jailed for life (Follow-up)

Hospital patient Ole Lorenz Iversen (90) died from a big bedsore so deep it punctuated his rectum.

Dead Gorilla to Appear in Human Corpse Exhibition

'Rose Seller' Star Sentenced to 26 Years for homicide and robbery

91-Year-Old Pleads Guilty in Bank Robbery

Swedes puzzled by butter-filled shoes

Walgreens accidentally prescribes seven-year-old methadone instead of ritalin

Teen saves girlfriend by sharing inhaler during asthma attack, promptly arrested for delivering dangerous drugs, suspended from school

Special-Ed Student Voted Homecoming King

Japanese TV show features men losing their virginity to porn stars

Wal-Mart Employees Find Child Porn In Film Roll

Teen Allegedly Ate Pizza, Watched TV During Triple Murder

Cops pepper spray and taser 71-year-old legally blind woman

World's worst Internet pervert sends naked picture of self to girl. With face visible. And address on bac

Execution drug 'left prisoners dying in agony'

Elementary school teacher recommends suicide to pupil

Necrophilia still legal in California

Newlyweds Accused Of Staging Mother's Murder

Bethlehem man set self, building on fire
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