Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

A package from the Unabomber detonates at the University of Utah today in 1981


After seven mistrials, the case goes on (Mississippi prosecutors have tried, count them, seven times to convict Marcus Roberson for killing two people)

FBI probes whether beating of mentally handicapped black man was hate crime

Fake doctor charged in castration case

Pakistani kills ex-girlfriend's mom before poisoning self

Gunman's Mom Wants Worker Compensation

Man Attacks Disabled Woman Over Bus Seat

Pet Tiger Was Man's 'Only Friend' (in his New York apartment)

Alaska grizzly bear expert who got close enough to bears to touch them, crawled along the ground singing to them, went on Letterman and called them "harmless party animals" found mauled by bears

Challenge to Utah's anti-sodomy law tossed

Psychic tells old lady that her money is cursed. Old lady gladly hands it all over

Man, 28, severly burns himself after trying to kill weeds with gasoline

Miami judge awards $455,000 for towel left in patient after surgery

Mobs Turn Net into Money Machine
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