Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

Nancy Wilcox(16) accepted a ride from Ted Bundy in his VW today in 1974, her body is still missing


Malvo to be called as witness in Muhammad's sniper trial

Second set of women's bones found on private school grounds

Lovers' car 'was probably pushed' (A couple who died after their car mysteriously plunged into a river while they were having sex could have been murdered)

Teen shot, official wounded at school

Pay Up or Fluffy Gets It

Delivering Letters to God (Santa gets jealous)

Serial-Snuggler Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

Norway Lifts Ban on Forbidden Films

Cheerleader Hazing Accusations (consume alcohol until they became sick and perform oral sex on a male athlete)

Cop tricks churchgoers into sex acts, tells them it was an undercover sting operation

Detective testifies that he forgot about key evidence in his sock drawer that would exonerate two death-row inmates

Wal-Mart Rattlesnake May Have Been Hoax

Man ordered to pay for canine abortion after his mutt gives neighbor's dog a bone

Police say after chase, suspect lit crack pipe

Wyoming search for lost man costs $22K. Turns out he was out burglarizing remote cabins

Biological Basis For Creativity Linked To Mental Illness

Woman, high on crank, lets children play in middle of interstate

Man beats wife with broomstick. Man tells authorities that his wife is an illegal immigrant. Man goes free.

University BDSM club accused of fostering rape

Woman stomps elderly mother to death

Man Kills Son, Jumps in Train's Path (Dirty Jerz)
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