Dr. H.H. Holmes (aint_life_grand) wrote,
Dr. H.H. Holmes

Suspected serial killer Ross Lane Emerson is found hanging in his cell today in 2001

Good day for mayhem


Family Sues After Woman Pulled Through Woodchipper

Cop shooter sentenced to over 79 years; tries to attack victim's mom

Alleged rape victim jailed for not showing up to testify at trial

Motorcycle gang leader of the Outlaws convicted

Osaka school killer says he 'should have used gasoline'

Doctor investigated over deaths of 76 cancer patients

Minister gets 55 years for killing wife

School Apologizes for Nazi Display by Band (Deutschland Uber Alles)

Phony Deputy Nabbed After Seeking Backup

Vampire killer murders man and eats his head. More info: Here

Nutjob claims ownership of moon, becomes millionaire

Scientist tries to kill rival by hiding radioactive materials in his office

Teen has some legal trouble after beating burglar with tire iron, setting him on fire

Brother and sister beat girl shoot at her and force her to have sex with a dog

Girl tied up, tortured

Teen electrocuted, forced to eat cigarettes

Mother Killed Infant Then Had Sex
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