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Toni Gibbs' body was found in a bus, stabbed multiple times & raped by Faryion Wardrip today in 1985 [15 Feb 2005|12:18pm]

Housekeeper Tortured Over Missing Money

Infamous pedophile dies in prison

Biker rapes call girl while imprisoning her for 30 hours

Twin Docs Accused of Switching IDs, Abusing Women

Hungry Man Holds Up Store, Demands Sushi

Boar bite severs man's pinky

Delaware County Murder Victim Called To Jury Pool

British cancer patient, 43, commits suicide; may have missed all-clear letter

Cryonics: Please don't call customers dead

Inventor Kurzweil Aiming to Live Forever

Seven Arrested In Underaged-Sex Investigation

Porn tapes land sex offender in jail

Nursing home patient accused of rape
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[05 Nov 2004|03:33pm]

N.J. Drops Rape Charges Against 2 Teens

woman accused of cutting off her boyfriend's penis with a kitchen knife

Parents Say Trick-or-Treaters Received Graphic, Anti-Abortion Literature

Read a book, get oral sex

A National Guard F-16 fighter plane mistakenly fired off 25 rounds of ammunition at the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School in South New Jersey

Urine tests part of the Thai nightclub experience

Sword Wielding Man Arrested In Missouri Wal-Mart

Man Accused Of Making Kids Smoke Meth

Egyptian father angry at having no sons stabs his seven daughters, killing 4

Youth pastor gets 80 years for child rape

Child protection teams have apologised for failing to stop a man fathering six children by his own daughter, following findings by an inquiry.

Monkeys at Kamakhya temple bite 300 children

Man tries to poison nun out of jealousy

TV to air Watts stabbing trial, Watts confessed to killing 13 women; he will be tried for slaying of Detroit woman.

TAYLOR: Death is result of debate about God


Girl, 5, allegedly tortured

Two women whose testimony in a child molestation case put a man behind bars for 20 years have recanted, with one saying her grandmother pressured them to finger the wrong man to protect a cousin.

Man Accused of Killing 6 Ala. Relatives
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Jimmy Hoffa disappears after a 2pm visit to the Machus Red Fox Restaurant today in 1975 [30 Jul 2004|11:57am]

Crazed surgeon amputates patient's penis, chops it up

Police seek son of vigilante mom
Eleven years after Ellie Nesler pulled a gun from her purse in a courtroom and gunned down the
man accused of molesting her boy, police are hunting for her son -- now wanted for murder.

Girl escapes after mom kills sisters, commits suicide

Cambodian monks urged to improve their behaviour after series of scandals
Several monks have grabbed newspaper headlines recently for fighting with slingshots and
petrol bombs at a temple, molesting a boy, and for beating a man and stealing motorcycles.

Hogzilla - half-ton, 12-foot-long hog killed in Georgia - sends up red flags among skeptics (w/ pic)

Maryland Mystery Animal 'Seen' All Over The World (w/ slideshow of pics)

Man dies after head partially torn off in industrial accident

A Catholic priest and nun have been convicted in Malawi for making love in an airport car park.

Suicide by train somewhat popular in Florida

7-year-old rapist sparks federal lawsuit

Cop tasers handcuffed 9-year-old
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Benito Mussolini, Dictator of Italy (1922-1945) was born today in 1883 [29 Jul 2004|04:54pm]

Father gets life sentence for 'ferocious' murder of baby son (slit the throat of his 10-month-old baby)

Rapist lab technician subdues victim with chloroform

Police Hunt Fat Women Thieves

Families 'burnt alive by Sudanese militia'

Hit Men Forced Innocent victim forced to drink acid

Man falls into 6-foot septic tank, drowns

Couple arrested after videotaping kids fucking
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Adam Walsh(6) (Son of America's Most Wanted's John Walsh) is Abducted from a Mall Today in 1981 [27 Jul 2004|05:05pm]

Elderly man(77) strangles drunk son to death with bare hands

Murderer Dad Agrees to'Divorce' From Son

Dentist Allegedly Injected Semen Into Patients' Mouths

Israel's oldest nuclear plant is leaking radiation

Witch doctors called in by authorities to help find seven people missing after helicopter crash

Cannibal killer convicted

Vampire slayer killed in spectacular car crash

Jamaica man distraught over a fight with wife douses self in gasoline and lights

Chernobyl victim fasts to death

Killings by pirates on the rise
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The Wayne Williams's victim Timothy Hill is found in Chattahoochee River today in 1981 [30 Mar 2004|01:22pm]

"they recovered more than 200 chopped-up pieces from the bodies of the two men"

Man up for murder, necrophilia

Teenager simulated sex with head from graveyard

Mental test for 'baby boiler'

Trial opens tearfully for mother who stoned her sons

Man Convicted for Decapitating Mother with Sword

Cambodian cuts off penis to feed spirits

When in the Air Force Academy, do not threaten to crash planes into buildings when someone accuses you of sodomizing a woman in a wheelchair

Defense attorney claims slutty teen craved gangbang

"The woman told jurors that Nickerson tried to rape her just 10 hours before police officers burst into a Fort Worth home and discovered Nickerson babbling obscenities and sexually assaulting retired nurse Maxine Nash, who suffocated under his weight."

Teen mom charged with murdering incest baby
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Andrei Chikatilo killed and mutilated 11 year old Andrei Kravchenko today in 1990 [14 Jan 2004|11:21am]

Death row inmates posting exploits online

Shipman found hanging in cell

Cannibal victim had no death wish: former lover

Two students arrested in Columbine-style plot

N.M. Re-Opens Case of Billy the Kid

Man, claiming God ordered him to taunt lion, jumps in animal's cage at zoo (w/ pics & video)

Mobster Confesses to Shooting Heckler

Not one. Not two. No, it took 25 policemen to establish that crime was in progress at the Titty Twister strip club

Man killed by exploding deer

Burglar fakes death. Police fake amusement

New York's first day of zero-tolerance on school violence met with 17 arrests, five separate incidents and four hospitalizations

Man squirts brother's pants with lighter fluid, sets them ablaze, second- and third-degree burns ensue

Ted Nugent Injured in Chainsaw Accident (Heheh)

Man awake on meth for a week eludes police.

robber uses ax and bear repellent spray to rob store

Women imprisoned for child abuse (locked in dark closets, deprived of food, forced to eat feces and were mentally and physically abused)

Man, 79, sent to jail for 'degrading' sexual assaults (used icicles, lengths of pipe and motor oil on his elderly partner)

Honor Killings on the Rise in India

'Voices' told ex-nun to set fires

12-year-old Filipino murdered, mutilated
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Anthony Deculit shot a supervisor, a coworker, and himself at a Milwaukee post office today in 1997 [19 Dec 2003|02:11pm]

Cats try to eat incapacitated owner at LA apartment

Crushed toddler dies (Tumbling partygoer says she's 'very sorry')

Woman lay dead in home for months

Man Decapitated In Rescue Attempt

Malvo convicted; faces death

Ridgway (the Green River Killer) apologizes to families of victims at sentencing

Holiday Givers Turn to Star Calls, Moon Burials

A marriage proposal with a sword

Man Accidentally Killed When Posing As Piñata For Kids

Rapist allowed to go free after jury says "Guilty" but judge hears "Not Guilty"

Strange man bursts into school classroom, hits student in head with a stick, runs away

Transvestite blames castration on mythical cabbie

Stuart police say man told 6-year-old son to kill mommy

Parents forced daughters to whip each other
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Albert De Salvo was stabbed to death in a massachusetts prison today in 1973 [26 Nov 2003|01:05pm]
Back from the dead, who knows for how long.


Vietnamese boy sold as dog meat

Three bodies found bound, shot in Arizona desert

Domaszewicz confessed to fatally hitting toddler with a crowbar "to shut him up" after the boy's arm was accidentally broken

Air Rage Granny Scrambles Fighters

Michael Jackson Bed-Mate Says Nothing Odd Happened

L.A. Wants to End 'Master' and 'Slave' Equipment

Badly Taxed Brothels Add to Budget Woes

Woman upset over $37 parking ticket, pays with 22 pounds of pennies. Package prompts bomb scare and a court request for more "conventional payment"

Angry customers sever restaurant employee's arm after disagreement.

Santa's helper throttles teen

Boy declared dead by hospital rushed to second hospital, which upgrades condition to "alive"

Cop trades his gun for cocaine, gets arrested for filing false report claiming gun stolen

First hit-and-run accident involving a Segway

Santa's Sidekicks Attempt Hold-Up

Drama teacher admits throwing hammer at student

Mayor puts out hit on "scary horned beast" that attacked him.

Kids playing "The Blackout Game" to get high are dropping like flies. (blah blah blah)

Vampirism is not merely an overused banality from horror movies, but a real disease.

1,000 Times Too Many Humans?

Insurance agent kills his wife, tries to call it self defense. (hmmmmmmmmm)

Jesus is back, and he hates cops

Hitman kills client

Toddler watches dad stab mom to death

Thrown butter knife sticks in baby's head (Police say mom threw it at boyfriend)

Mental patient goes on bulldozer rampage

Death of Jonathan Brandis ruled suicide (Hahahahahaqhahahahahahah!!!!!)

Roofer held in hammer attack (hit her at least 12 times in the face, head, legs, and feet)

Counselor Accused In Sodomy Broomstick Attack On Boy
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Anton Szandor LaVey, dies from a cardiac arrest today in 1997 [29 Oct 2003|11:39am]
Sorry about the lag in posts.


Headmaster accused of explicit e-mailing

Reptilian queens, UFOs, a cancer cure - strange circumstances surround murder case

Doomsday cult doctor to hang

Hiroshima yakuza owns up to shooting Marine

Traffic Chaos as Hearse Ejects Corpse

Mass Burial Planned to Clear Out Morgue

Woman Killed as Escalator Collapses

Sex dolls and dead bodies - it must be Turner

Coconut Creek woman used fork to kill husband, police say

Don't tape yourself having sex with two men while snorting meth. Especially if your baby is laying next to you

Teen Who Hit Friend With Skateboard Learns Fate (Follow-up)

Man guns down parents (after crashing his SUV through their home)

Some Bones From Unearthed Cemetery End Up In Trash

Police Investigate Neighbor's Killing Of Teen Prankster

Pediatrician arrested with kiddie porn
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Ivan the Ripper was arrested in Moscow on suspicion of stabbing eleven women to death today in 1974 [24 Oct 2003|02:36pm]

Death row inmates give $10,000 to son of man left in windshield to die

2 Convicted Murderers Missing From Mo. Prison

Shipman linked deaths to receptionist's earrings

Hit-man convicted in plot to hit hit-man Sammy the Bull

Man Draws Pension of Dead Mother Hidden in Bathtub

Church Prays For Return Of Stolen Crucifix

One-year-old child bitten 30 times by fellow tots at Croatian nursery

Teen Says Man Didn't Forcibly Sodomize Her With Candle

Body believed to be missing woman found in her home year later

Man on set of 'Christ' hit by lightning

Medical examiner admits role in eyes mix-up

"Ghettopoly" outrages "Monopoly" makers

From convent girl to vice queen

Man cuts his hand off using scissors

Orgasmatron Puts Tech in Sex

Retired FBI Agent Reveals Details Of JFK's Assassination (Oswald offered to kill JFK for Cuba)

France takes on plague of sexual 'rite' (le gang rape)

Defendant: Wife said to kill 'evil' kids
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200 were killed in train derailment near Nowy Dwor Poland today in 1949 [22 Oct 2003|02:57pm]

Lone gunman kills two women, self

Uncle and boyfriend tortured woman for three months

Sleeping Fla. Boy Has 4 Fingers Gnawed Off By Family Dog

Teen accused in New Jersey shooting takes plea deal (Follow-up New Jeru)

Bored to Tears, Woman Hurls TV Out Window

Witch gets state grant

Chip maker finds bombs with potatoes

Fla. Woman Charged With Trying To Have Husband 'Whacked' (Woman Allegedly Wanted Husband's Finger As Proof)

Durham Residents, Officers Report UFO Sighting

Criminal leaps three floors to escape amputation

Work order for attempted banana rape

Man died after doctor insisted on breakfast

Genitals cut over debts

Police say suspect was armed and dangerous, was planning on using cabbage as silencer

Boy with muscular distrophy faces $15 fines for riding wheelchair on streets

Boy, 14, killed trying to 'surf' atop C train

Affidavit: Mom says spider was 'sign' to drown kids

Chop a centimetre or so off your tongue to become a fluent English speaker

Qusay Hussein stars in porno

Man faces trial in dog sex case (A 10-year-old girl heard the dog growling in a spare bedroom during the early morning hours)

Stripper helps boyfriend chop up women

Mom Charged With Supplying Daughters To Porn Producer

10-month-old baby stabbed in broad daylight

Grandma Who Left Tot In Burning Vehicle Turns Herself In

Relative Stabs Entire Family; Eight-Year-Old Girl Dies
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Wayne Williams abducted, suffocated and dumped twelve year old Charles Stephens today in 1980 [09 Oct 2003|04:04pm]

Police alert nine high schoolers' parents to possible suicide pact

'Vampire' killer jailed for life (Follow-up)

Hospital patient Ole Lorenz Iversen (90) died from a big bedsore so deep it punctuated his rectum.

Dead Gorilla to Appear in Human Corpse Exhibition

'Rose Seller' Star Sentenced to 26 Years for homicide and robbery

91-Year-Old Pleads Guilty in Bank Robbery

Swedes puzzled by butter-filled shoes

Walgreens accidentally prescribes seven-year-old methadone instead of ritalin

Teen saves girlfriend by sharing inhaler during asthma attack, promptly arrested for delivering dangerous drugs, suspended from school

Special-Ed Student Voted Homecoming King

Japanese TV show features men losing their virginity to porn stars

Wal-Mart Employees Find Child Porn In Film Roll

Teen Allegedly Ate Pizza, Watched TV During Triple Murder

Cops pepper spray and taser 71-year-old legally blind woman

World's worst Internet pervert sends naked picture of self to girl. With face visible. And address on bac

Execution drug 'left prisoners dying in agony'

Elementary school teacher recommends suicide to pupil

Necrophilia still legal in California

Newlyweds Accused Of Staging Mother's Murder

Bethlehem man set self, building on fire
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A package from the Unabomber detonates at the University of Utah today in 1981 [08 Oct 2003|01:24pm]

After seven mistrials, the case goes on (Mississippi prosecutors have tried, count them, seven times to convict Marcus Roberson for killing two people)

FBI probes whether beating of mentally handicapped black man was hate crime

Fake doctor charged in castration case

Pakistani kills ex-girlfriend's mom before poisoning self

Gunman's Mom Wants Worker Compensation

Man Attacks Disabled Woman Over Bus Seat

Pet Tiger Was Man's 'Only Friend' (in his New York apartment)

Alaska grizzly bear expert who got close enough to bears to touch them, crawled along the ground singing to them, went on Letterman and called them "harmless party animals" found mauled by bears

Challenge to Utah's anti-sodomy law tossed

Psychic tells old lady that her money is cursed. Old lady gladly hands it all over

Man, 28, severly burns himself after trying to kill weeds with gasoline

Miami judge awards $455,000 for towel left in patient after surgery

Mobs Turn Net into Money Machine
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Edgar Allen Poe died in Baltimore today in 1849 [07 Oct 2003|11:47am]

Female Genital Mutilation - Woman jailed 5yrs

Woman opens fire at Atlanta church (Kills her mother, pastor, before turning gun on herself)

Man sentenced for selling body parts

Family Angry Over 500-Pound Woman's Burial

Prosecutor seeks to try teen assailants in hazing sex assault as adults (Follow-up)

Connecticut mother convicted of contributing to 12-year-old son's suicide

Bank robber charged with murder after bodies uncovered in backyard

Body found in burning shed

Supreme Court former death row inmate to sue public defenders for failing him

Seven on child sex assault charges

Backfire Ignites Dog, Dog Sets Grass Fire

Man jumps out of plane wearing Wile E. Coyote-style batsuit. Same result

A clown is to deliver a sermon in a cathedral while balancing on a wire.

Doctor Pays for Not Stopping 'Concepcion'

Pair of human legs found in trash bin; homicide team investigating

Pregnancy Surprise: Baby Born In Family's Toilet

Teacher throws boys out of window

4 Injured In Brawl During Church Mass

Water purifier salesman poisons reservoir
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Arthur Shawcross dumped June Cicero into the Genessee River, masturbating as he did so today in 1988 [03 Oct 2003|01:41pm]

Remains identified as victim of Green River killer

Mother charged over fire deaths

Court strikes down prisoners' DNA database

Officer Charged in Sex Deal with Teen Defendant

Woman Allegedly Shoots Man 5 Times On Birthday

Victim tries to befriend home invader

Pedestrian falls, dies when Fort Lauderdale bridge opens

Math teacher turns murder scene into homework problem

Teacher accused of choking student with fish head

Mother charged with plotting to get teen daughter pregnant

Toddler Dies, Dwarf Mother Faces Murder Charges
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Nancy Wilcox(16) accepted a ride from Ted Bundy in his VW today in 1974, her body is still missing [02 Oct 2003|02:10pm]

Malvo to be called as witness in Muhammad's sniper trial

Second set of women's bones found on private school grounds

Lovers' car 'was probably pushed' (A couple who died after their car mysteriously plunged into a river while they were having sex could have been murdered)

Teen shot, official wounded at school

Pay Up or Fluffy Gets It

Delivering Letters to God (Santa gets jealous)

Serial-Snuggler Suspect Faces Multiple Charges

Norway Lifts Ban on Forbidden Films

Cheerleader Hazing Accusations (consume alcohol until they became sick and perform oral sex on a male athlete)

Cop tricks churchgoers into sex acts, tells them it was an undercover sting operation

Detective testifies that he forgot about key evidence in his sock drawer that would exonerate two death-row inmates

Wal-Mart Rattlesnake May Have Been Hoax

Man ordered to pay for canine abortion after his mutt gives neighbor's dog a bone

Police say after chase, suspect lit crack pipe

Wyoming search for lost man costs $22K. Turns out he was out burglarizing remote cabins

Biological Basis For Creativity Linked To Mental Illness

Woman, high on crank, lets children play in middle of interstate

Man beats wife with broomstick. Man tells authorities that his wife is an illegal immigrant. Man goes free.

University BDSM club accused of fostering rape

Woman stomps elderly mother to death

Man Kills Son, Jumps in Train's Path (Dirty Jerz)
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Suspected serial killer Ross Lane Emerson is found hanging in his cell today in 2001 [01 Oct 2003|11:58am]
Good day for mayhem


Family Sues After Woman Pulled Through Woodchipper

Cop shooter sentenced to over 79 years; tries to attack victim's mom

Alleged rape victim jailed for not showing up to testify at trial

Motorcycle gang leader of the Outlaws convicted

Osaka school killer says he 'should have used gasoline'

Doctor investigated over deaths of 76 cancer patients

Minister gets 55 years for killing wife

School Apologizes for Nazi Display by Band (Deutschland Uber Alles)

Phony Deputy Nabbed After Seeking Backup

Vampire killer murders man and eats his head. More info: Here

Nutjob claims ownership of moon, becomes millionaire

Scientist tries to kill rival by hiding radioactive materials in his office

Teen has some legal trouble after beating burglar with tire iron, setting him on fire

Brother and sister beat girl shoot at her and force her to have sex with a dog

Girl tied up, tortured

Teen electrocuted, forced to eat cigarettes

Mother Killed Infant Then Had Sex
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Jack the Ripper plays a double header killing Elizabeth Stride & Catharine Eddowes today in 1888 [30 Sep 2003|11:40am]

Ohio Boy On Treasure Hunt Loses Fingertips

Kurd who slit daughter's throat in 'honour killing' is jailed for life

Zodiac Killer Hiding in Plain Sight?

The Delay at Platform One Is Due to -- a Vasectomy? (Pussy)

Police Thwart Baby Smuggling at Airport

Band Vows To Defy New St. Pete Law With Onstage Suicide (Follow-up)

Parishioners in fear as drug addicts smear blood on church statues

Minor accuses pro athletes of gang rape

Wives lop off husband's penis
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Frederick Walter Stephen West was born at 8.30 am in the village of Much Marcle today in 1941 [29 Sep 2003|04:28pm]

Man slays wife, son, then himself

Crocodile snaps up, eats boy, 12

Dad arrested in abuse death of son, 11 months (sodomized to death)

4-year-old fatally shoots sister, wounds brother

Police Hunt Child Swapped for TV

Man robs bank, waits for police

Girl, 5, makes bong in class

Bank-Robbing Church Minister Pleads Guilty

It is now illegal in Florida to conduct a suicide for commercial or entertainment purposes, and to host, promote and sell tickets for such an event

Father and son killed while fishing (Blow themselves up)

Man Sentenced For Photographing Bodies At Morgue

Man accused of torture faces other charges (accused of torturing Roselin Rodriguez Bravo by pulling his teeth, cutting his face and chest, prying up his toenails with a screwdriver and threatening to castrate him)

Twin girls accused of plotting to carry out suicide attacks on supermarket.

Teens may face porn charges

Father, baby sitter convicted in death of 9-year-old (suffocated when he was disciplined by being wrapped from head to toe with duct tape)

Father 'kept daughter, 6, locked in garden cage'

Mom faces charges of tossing baby out window

Man gets life for killing bedwetting 3-year-old
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